Our Brands

Searching for the right brands for Susie and Toto is not an easy task.
It takes a lot of dedication, diligence and above all passion to make sure that we select only the companies that we believe can deliver the quality product that we’re trying to offer you.
Unlike other commercial brands, we pride ourselves in prioritising quality and service over profits; this is why you won't see us on every high street corner.
We wanted to celebrate the quality and simplicity of Italian manufacturing by rewarding brands that still hold strong beliefs and working ethics at the heart of their businesses. And by doing so, handpicking and delivering a product to our customers that’s unique in the UK market. 
These are the reasons behind the launch of Susie and Toto!
When joining the Susie and Toto family, companies have to match these three criteria:
  1. Their manufacturing has to be entirely ‘MADE IN ITALY’ accompanied by a strong dedication in finding the best fabrics available in the market to deliver a premium quality product.
  2. They will have strong ethical values reflected in the work they deliver
  3. And they will have years of experience in the sector backed by a strong family business heritage.
By meeting all these criteria, we’re extremely proud to be welcoming these brands to the Susie and Toto family: