About Susie and Toto

We came up with the idea of 'Susie and Toto' on a sunny day in April 2013, with the objective of bringing to the UK the beauty of Italian fashion within the baby wear category. Five months later, in September 2013, the website was officially launched!
Susie and Toto is first and foremost a fashion portal for discerning parents and gift-givers who like their little ones to wear classy and unique fashion styles. In our selection we balance quality of fabrics, Made-in-Italy manufacturing with the right retail prices.
We are constantly on the look out for interesting Italian brands to join our big Italian family and we go through a meticulous process when choosing the right partners. And that’s because we care about our ‘little customers’ and want to provide them with the best ever items of clothing. Also, because we ‘always put kids first’ you will never find collection pieces that look great but don’t allow your kids to play in them and have fun wearing them.
Our mission is to make every baby look stylish and feel happy with the help of our collection while supporting independent Italian designers and celebrating the quality and simplicity that comes with the 'Made in Italy' trademark.
Every parent wants their babies to look great and be smartly dressed. Well, we think you've come to the right place.
All we want is for our little customers to become the style icons of tomorrow! :)
Behind the company
My name is Enzo and I’m the Founder and Creative Director of Susie and Toto.
After spending 7 and half years in the crazy world of digital communications, I decided to go back to my family roots and explore a new exciting career in children’s fashion. 
I have vivid memories of a great childhood, spending most of my time following my papa’ and my nonna in the family production factory. It’s during that time that I got to learn about fabrics and yarns and appreciate the hard work that my family put into creating original and beautifully made clothes.
Thanks to those early life experiences and living between two countries renowned for design excellence, I began to appreciate the beauty in simple things - which is something that I’ve carried over in my career as a creative person and is essentially the backbone of Susie and Toto. 
Undoubtedly, it’s from this passion and my boundless curiosity and enthusiasm for the creative industry that Susie and Toto was officially born; with an ambition to bring the quality and beautiful simplicity of Italian designs within the children and baby wear categories. No big logos, overly commercial prints and kids that have to look like adults - I'm a firm believer that a clean and simple design is what makes fashion items stand out. 
Why Susie and Toto?
Susie and Toto are simply the nicknames that my parents have for each other, which are both shorter and sweeter versions of their given full names. With them being the inspiration behind the idea, I didn’t have to think twice about the name of the company and decided to develop two fictional characters that embody both the personality of the brand and the ones of my parents.
The reason why you see a goat within the logo (and yes that’s our wise little goat Toto…) is because my family was known in the 40’s as The Shepherds; with great-grandpa being one of the most enthusiastic shepherds in the land of Naples! :) When thinking about a sweet animal that could embody the wisdom of Toto, I couldn't hold back on choosing a kid! 
There are many plans behind Susie and Toto, and how these two characters are going to develop… hopefully you’ll be with us along the way when we’ll be creating fantastic stories and engaging games involving our lovely inseparable friends!
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