September 15, 2013


Dressing Babies as Babies

As fashion trends adapt and change throughout the years it can seem like designers are on the lookout for a new way to shock the public, keen to make a difference to the way we dress and the way we dress our children. But when it comes to children, and especially babies, should they be fashion icons, moving with the times and sporting controversial logos and peculiar designs or should they be wrapped in fleece and knitwear, looking adorable and snugly?

Recently mothers have been in uproar over baby clothing released with sexually aggressive logos and while these are hardly fashion icons they do show a growing trend for subverting the norms of babywear. Nowadays there is a bit of a divide between mothers who happily dress their children in bikinis and heels and those who dress them in teddy bear onesies. Should we dress our children as miniature adults or should we make the most of their childhood, keeping them innocent in simple knitwear?  One way of thinking of it is that while they are babies innocence is everything. They have their whole lives ahead of them to choose bizarre and controversial outfits, so why not take advantage of parenthood and dress them in childlike, cute outfits?

As the years go by and our children grow older we all reach that point where they refuse to wear the outfit we suggest, determined to go out on a cold winter’s day with a sleeveless vest on. We’ve all been there and at that point it is up to the child to make their own mistakes and learn that sometimes the grown-ups really do know what they are talking about. However, until that point it makes sense for us to make the most of the little one’s willingness to oblige, and dress them in cute and comfortable clothing, suitable for the weather, but perfect for their age. Or, if you can’t resist dressing them up like ‘little people’ or miniature versions of yourself, it is possible to do it with an elegant and sophisticated style. For example, what says ‘little gentleman’ more than this cashmere jumper by Almicocca, with elbow patches, or the matching Nicola waistcoat? For your little lady this crotchet waterfall jacket by Kuxo is the perfect way to combine sophisticated children’s wear with current fashion trends. Similarly, for timeless style this winter baby coat by Mariella Ferrari is guaranteed to bring a heartwarming smile to everyone’s face.



Parenthood is never easy and there is always some controversial issue to deal with, but if you choose carefully it is easy to dress your baby in a suitable manner without offending anyone. Whether you believe it is your right to dress your child as a grown up or as a baby, these options tick all the boxes, ensuring undeniable style and absolutely adorable looks.

Vincenzo Annunziata
Vincenzo Annunziata


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