September 09, 2013


Celebrity kids can teach us some style!

When considering the latest fashion trends we tend to look to celebrities for inspiration, therefore dressing your little ones should be no different as these children born into celebrity status often get passed down to them a fantastic sense of style.

So if your child is a budding fashionista take some trendy ideas from these kids as we take a look at their style. Some of them may not even be able to say their name let alone the word “fashion” but that doesn’t mean they aren’t already getting a signature look.

Violet Affleck

Daughter of Hollywood actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Violet is often pictured looking like a stylish young girl that seems happy and playful. However, she is very often seen sporting a very eccentric and rebel look, combining bright colours and loud prints. Patterned leggings and floral prints are usually a must for this young fashionista, along with her bright coloured dresses and on-trend glasses. If you want your child to have a wilder look, then Violet look books should definitely provide you with some interesting inspiration.

Harper Beckham

When your mum is Victoria Beckham, you need to ensure that you are fashion-week-ready twenty four seven. Victoria’s mini me has already been exposed to the front row at fashion week in both New York and London. She may be known for sitting next to her mum (and most recently to her dad) while she promotes her new clothing range but little Harper has a few fashion accessories of her own. In fact little Harper had a bag designed for her by British based fashion designer, Chistopher Raeburn!

North West

How could North West not be included on this list, after all she is the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Most recently, you may have heard that this little girl is reportedly not allowed to wear pink. She may only be three months old but she's already hitting headlines for only being allowed to wear neutral colours. Her grammy award winning daddy has made it very clear that she is only going to wear blacks, whites and creams. It sounds like pinks are definitely going to be a no-no in this household.

We therefore think that little North West would look fantastic in the Elia jumper. Not only this jumper comes in a neutral beige colour but this is also one of our favourite items from our entire collection. This aran style jumper is made from 70% wool and 30% cashmere, and would compliment North’s wardrobe perfectly.

Sunday Rose Urban

Daughter of Nicole Kidman, Sunday Rose certainly looks like her mum. And if she was to follow in the footsteps of stylish Nicole, she will be soon stepping out in a Chanel baby-gown and a Balenciaga mini-handbag. Always looking cute in floral dresses, we think the Anna dress would suit her perfectly. This beautiful dress has a floral print on the bottom half broken up by an aqua blue solid colour top half. To complete the look, this could be teamed with the lovely winter coat Agnese, which would complement the dress perfectly.        

So what do you think?

These kids are certainly cute, but did we miss any of your favourite celeb kids of the list?

How far would you go to ensure your little ones are dressed in style?


Vincenzo Annunziata
Vincenzo Annunziata


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