January 21, 2016


The Royals fall in love with Love in Kyo'

It's official, The Royals are fans of MADE IN ITALY brands! 

In Her latest shopping sprees, Kate Middleton has fallen in love with one of our beloved brands Love in Kyo'.  The Duchess of Cambridge has often expressed Her love for Spanish and Italian brands and very recently she purchased some gorgeous cashmere Love In Kyo' items when strolling around Chelsea. 


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December 20, 2015


Bygone Babywear on trend with Princess Charlotte

We just wanted to say a massive 'thank you' to The Telegraph editors for featuring Susie and Toto as one of the boutiques where bygone babywear can be purchased, following an article on Princess Charlotte and her most recent pictures released by the Duchess of Cambridge. 


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June 29, 2014


Sending love to fashion editors...

It's been an incredible few months here at Susie and Toto. 

Not only we've been appreciating the love that keeps coming from the monthly mother and baby magazines like Baby London and Baby&Me; this month we caught the eyes of some special fashion editors at Conde' Nast who made it possible for Susie and Toto to appear in the fashion bible itself - VOGUE - plus a feature in both TATLER and GLAMOUR Magazine.


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February 14, 2014


Celebrity Love

From the various tweets, Instagram photos and Facebook mentions from the likes of Laura Hamilton and Susie Wolff, it seems the celebs are falling head-over-heels for Susie and Toto. Laura Hamilton has recently been photographed with her beautiful son Rocco wearing some of our lovely items in a recent HELLO! Magazine photo-shoot to welcome her little gorgeous boy into the spotlight. 

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November 04, 2013


Mind The Cashmere & Susie and Toto on the hunt for the next baby model.

We're terribly excited to announce our partnership with the team behind the fantastic and newly launched blog Mind The Cashmere. As part of their search for the next children models to be part of some of their outstanding fashion editorials, we've together decided to launch a monthly competition strictly dedicated to the under 2's. View full article →
November 03, 2013


#MammaMia Nr.2

Every week, we'll try and feature one of our fans as the mum of the week (don't worry we'll soon be accepting dads as well...). If you want to be featured as our next #MammaMia Mum, please make sure you fill in this questionnaire and we'll send you a 10% discount code when you're chosen. 

This week's mum is Kiran Chug from London, UK :)

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October 19, 2013


Are we giving kids too much?

As an adult I always take great pride in buying my little niece gifts, but the one thing I never expected to happen was for her to say “no thank you, I’ll open it later”. This is a very adult response, but was not created by her desire to show self control and be grown up; she had simply had too many presents already. When a young child is presented with gifts each time she sees someone it is understandable that they would eventually begin to lose all meaning, so are we giving too much?

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October 18, 2013


#MammaMia Nr.1

Ciao a tutti! 

The weekend is nearly upon us and we're about to send the first House of Toto newsletter edition to all of our subscribers.

Before we do so, we wanted to introduce you all to the #MammaMia column. Every week, we'll try and feature one of our fans as the mum of the week (don't worry we'll soon be accepting dads as well...). If you want to be featured in our next ones, please make sure you fill in this questionnaire and we'll send you a 10% discount code when you're chosen. 

This week's mum is Sophie Jones from Worcester, UK

Are you a full time mummy or do you have another job? 

Full Time mummy 

What are the things that you look for the most when buying children's clothing?

Quality, soft fabrics, durability and cuteness.

What other brands do you currently use for your children? It doesn't necessarily have to be clothing...

Couche Tot, Emile et Rose, Neils Yard Organics.

Have you ever been to Italy? If yes, when was this and what was the occasion? Did you have children with you?

I've been to Italy a few times. The first was when I was 15 and I went to Venice. Since then I have returned to Venice and also been to Rome, Florence, Pisa and Lake Garda. Unfortunately I have not taken my daughter yet as she is only 1 but we hope to spend a month there next year.

What do you like the most about Italy? We want to hear it all :)

The food is the best in the world. I love the elegance of the people and the fashion. The landscape is beautiful and I love the history.

Do you speak any Italian? Which words do you know apart from Ciao Bella and Grazie? :)

Unfortunately I don't :(

Which is your favourite Italian brand or Italian designer? 


If you had to pick an Italian name for yourself. What would it be? *Hint - check our product names! :)



September 27, 2013


Pink, Blue and Yellow...

The lines of gender identity are slowly changing, but most cannot help assuming that a baby dressed in blue is a boy and a child in pink is a girl. But, why is this and does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? The one reason for creating this separation is to make identification a little easier. If babies are dressed in the appropriate colours then you don’t need to worry about insulting a mother by calling her little baby girl a boy, but is that the only reason why blue is for boys and pink is for girls or is there something more to this long established rule?

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September 21, 2013


Bambino Booming

An infographic on the latest UK's Baby Boom.

Are you surprised by any of the statistics?

Let us know in the comments