February 19, 2014


Celebrity Loving

From the various tweets, Instagram photos and Facebook mentions from the likes of Laura Hamilton and Susie Wolff, it seems the celebs are falling head-over-heels for Susie and Toto. Laura Hamilton has recently been photographed with her beautiful son Rocco wearing some of our lovely items in a recent HELLO! Magazine photo-shoot to welcome her little gorgeous boy into the spotlight. 

To celebrate the arrival of Rocco, and to thank Laura for her continuous support, we've decided to name one of our items from the Spring/Summer collection like our little model :) 

Scottish racing driver, Susie Wolff (one half of the famous racing couple -get ready for it, Susie and Toto!) kept it personal recently and decided to purchase a gift from us for a friend's baby. Very kindly, Susie Wolff took to social media making quite a song and dance about her darling little purchase... and we truly appreciate all the support shown!

With the launch of our Spring/Summer collections (coming to the website in the next few weeks), with the age range switching from 0-2 to 0-4 years and with the increase to 18 independent Italian brands in store, you can now find even more lovely items for your little ones :)

Also, look at this adorable picture of Rocco that Laura has just sent us! How gorgeous does he look?

These are the items that he's wearing in the picture:



For any questions, please contact us directly!

hello@susieandtoto.com - GRAZIE!

Enzo x

Vincenzo Annunziata
Vincenzo Annunziata


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